About Us


The Brand

Hi there beautiful!
Welcome to Blue Sunset. This brand was created as a way to provide quality, personalized pieces that last. Our owner, Ninti, spent months curating a line of quality, timeless pieces that you can't find anywhere else. Blue Sunset started as a passion project for our owner in 2020 and we've grown so far since then. We wear these pieces with pride and hope you love your new items! Check out our latest pieces and fall in love. 

The Owner

My name is Ninti and I am the creator of Blue Sunset. I made this brand as a way to fall in love with jewelry again. I had a hard time finding one place I could buy simple, affordable and quality pieces so I decided to create it! I spent months curating a brand with customers just like you in mind. I am so grateful you have visited us today and hope you decide to buy something while you're here. Because I wear all of these pieces I promise that as long as you take great care of your pieces they will last! Be sure to sign up for our email list to get a discount code for your first order! 
Rose gold necklace