3 Steps To Have A Stress Free Holiday Shopping Season!

Hey beauty, 

Welcome to our very first blog post. We are less than 60 days away from the holiday season. With supply chain issues now more than ever it's important to plan ahead so you don't have to stress about it later. Check out our 5 steps to have a stress free season. 

1) Write down all of the people you are getting gifts for and note if you're giving it to them in person OR if you plan to ship it. 

    - This will be super helpful when you are prioritizing what gifts to get first!

2) Make a budget

    - A budget may be hard to create without knowing exactly what holiday sales will be but if you can give yourself an estimate it will be easier to account for the spending in upcoming budgets (even if you don't start shopping for a few weeks). 

3) Order your supplies early + check to see if you have anything that can be used again

    - I personally still have almost a whole roll of wrapping paper from last Christmas. If you take inventory of what you have you can avoid over shopping. Also, getting things little by little will make it less overwhelming. Take a look on Amazon or head to your local dollar store and get one supply item each week. 

I hope you love these tips!

- Ninti